Are you employing the best Methodologies

Are you training your employees and partners using decades old methods? Or are you simply using technology for the sake of technology?  Are you measuring results? Are you seeing an impact in your top line? Are your partners truly knowledgeable about your products, do you trust them with your message?

Are you using available Technologies

Are you using the right combination of technologies to solvdeliver the message? Does your company have a balanced approach?

Are you communicating the Right Message

Is your message clear? Can your partner ennuntiate the same message with the same enthusiasm for your products and services?

Sometimes the best solution is training in a classroom environment with all the personal interaction you can obtain between the instructor and the student.  

Sometimes webinars can be very effective

Or special productions in video, screencasts or podcasts format.

Often a combination of the above is the best possible solution 

Helping you find the right solutions.



Tools and Technology

Technology Training partner with a shared vision.

At skyPixels we’re passionate about creating courseware, producing content and working with our customers to decide on the best delivery method and media combination to get to your audience in the best possible way, with long lasting effects.


At skyPixels we are always trying new methodologies as well as new technologies.  We quickly incorporate new ideas into our training and make the best use of all tools available.  Because training is our focus, training is what we do.


We want to assist you in building fabulous training material and it’s all possible thanks to the support and feedback from users like you!  Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback.