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Solutions that will inspire your audience.
Training development and hosting; Course design services.

Is your company looking for new training tools to better fit your needs? Are you looking for new applications to broaden your portfolio of products and services?

Bringing innovative solutions in training, marketing & business development.

Are you employing the best training methodologies?

Are you training your employees and partners using decades old methods? Or are you simply using technology for technology’s sake? Are you measuring results? Do you see a change in behavior? Is your sales force selling more? Do you see a change in your top line? Are your partners and employees truly knowledgeable about your products? Do you trust them with your message and value proposition?

At SkyPixels were are passionate about creating courseware and working with our customers to implement the best delivery method and media combination to get to your audience in the best possible way with long lasting effects.

Are you thinking of introducing your products to new markets?

You are a technology company and you have been successful in marketing and selling your products in the domestic market. Your are thinking of taking the plunge and expanding internationally.

At SkyPixels we have decades of experience working in the Latin America region, with a vast knowledge of the countries, the markets, the partners and the customers. At SkyPixels we are multilingual, but also understand the different cultures of 30 plus countries, the tax laws, the socio-economic and political environment and the customer.

Don’t you wish sometimes you could have your own Latin America headquarters for marketing and selling your products in the region? We can be that and much more for your company.

Are you a reseller in the Printing industry?

You are a company selling in the printing market, and you have been successful in selling hardware products to local companies.

You are thinking of the future; should you keep your business model?

Should you explore higher value sales such as MPS or business processes improvement?

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